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This also reflects a pre-election tradition wherein all the candidates should communicate their confidence in a future victory.

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So despite numerous accusations and claims of opponents, Poroshenko demonstrates that the attacks are meaningless, and he feels confident about his presidency and its effectiveness. The second the most popular vocabulary group confirms this discovery: mentions about pride.

Altamura Center for the Arts

This means that the former president speaks about some significant values that were created or recreated during his presidency. And these values are identified with his personality. Additionally, pride and respect reaffirm the confidence factor, as one may respect something only if he or she is confident in the significance of this thing. Poroshenko also repeats several times that he is proud of himself as a president, and stresses that he is not ashamed of anything.

Sligo Food Tours announce date for a second Vegan Food Tour.

And, of course, his wishes are not just caprices but the strong needs of a responsible person. Poroshenko tries to set an agenda on his twitter with some kind of emphasis being the most popular item.

However, sometimes he admits to problems, especially in the several days before the election and after. This observation confirms our above-mentioned remark about his communication being a kind of ritual. Even after his defeat in the election, Poroshenko continued to speak about his activity as president. In this way he strove to convey his intention to remain in Ukrainian politics. That is why verbs about him signing documents and giving orders are among the most frequent ones.

And the flash mobs of his supporters are a confirmation of the successfulness of his communicative strategies on social media.

A Split Second

He mentions these voters on his Twitter, and he tried to communicate his messages with a megaphone during the debate in the Olimpiiskyi stadium. But he spoke within his own narrative, where he is a successful, respected, and confident leader. His strategy of confident narration in some terms confronts the strategies which were used by his opponents during the pre-election presidential campaign and are being used now, before the parliamentary elections.

Additionally, if a person feels guilty about something inadequate in our case, the way of communication , this will be reflected in his or her phrases. Flag City Honor Flight has already planned a flight for early June. Wickerham said the second flight will likely take place in late September. A Toledo chapter previously offered flights but has ceased operations.

Marco Foyot passe le second tour

They have had veterans come from throughout the area and even Michigan and Indiana. Wickerham said that, although World War II and Korean War veterans have priority, the extra flight might open up spaces for Vietnam War veterans, as well. According to PGATour.

The Second City

Choi and Greg Chalmers. The four aces made in Mexico nearly doubled the number recorded on tour during the fall season. Last season, there were 36 aces.

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Meanwhile, less than an hour before Kuchar made his ace, Matthew NeSmith did this on the eighth. Ordinarily, we'd be pretty impressed. But given the success of his fellow tour pros, we're not sure if this one even warrants a "Nice shot".