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Type "inventor: [inventor name]" to search for inventors. Films of this class are known as Multilayer, Monopack or Integral Tripack. Three types of Eastman Colour Film are manufactured. These are the Colour Negative Film, intended for use as the picture negative material in the camera; the Colour lnternegative Film, used for a similar purpose to black-and-white duplicating negative film; and Colour Print Film, which may be employed in preparing prints from either the Colour Negative or Colour lnternegative.

A special black-and-white Separation Positive Film is also provided and this is intended for use in preparing three separation positives from the Colour Negative.

The separation positives form an intermediate link with the Colour Negative when making a Colour Internegative, so that their function is similar to that of a master positive in a black-and-white system. Integral tripack camera films have the advantage that they may be used in a standard black-and-white camera, and apart from a check on the colour correction and focus of the lens, no special precautions are necessary.

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It is of interest to note that the colours of integral tripack negatives, as well as the densities, are reversed compared with the original scene. The coloured images in Eastman Colour Films are produced by a method known as dye-coupling development. For this a special developing agent is used in conjunction with a second compound known as the colourforming coupler.

Photographic development is a process of chemical reduction brought about by the developing agent, which is oxidized in proportion to the amount of silver formed. The oxidized developing agent combines with the colour forming coupler to create a dye of appropriate colour, the concentration of which is proportional to the amount of silver in the image.

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The dye thus formed must be insoluble in water so that the reaction shall be quite local and a dye image of high resolution obtained. The silver image is removed at a later stage of the process. Three colour-forming couplers provide the appropriate dyes and are incorporated in the relevant emulsion layers. Craig, G. In: British Kinematography, 22,5, , pp. Bergery, Benjamin : Reflections Storaro, ASC.

In: American Cinematographer , 70,8, pp.

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View Quote. Block, Bruce A. In: American Cinematographer , 64,4, pp. In: American Cinematographer , 60,8, pp. View Gallery Page.

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Timeline of Historical Film Colors. Christine N. Heinz B. Giorgio Trumpy , Research Scientist giorgio trumpy. When Renly flees King's Landing after Lord Stark spurns his request for aid in seizing power, Loras rides south out of the city with him, along with fifty retainers. Lord Varys suspects they ride for either Storm's End or Highgarden. Renly weds Margaery at Highgarden and claims the throne with the support of Lord Mace Tyrell and his sons. The two remain inseparable even after Renly's wedding. During his march, Renly holds a great melee at Bitterbridge of one hundred sixteen knights.

Wielding a longaxe, Loras is one of the final two combatants and Renly cheers for him, but he loses to Brienne of Tarth , who is given the last place in his Rainbow Guard. After his failed parley with his elder brother, Stannis , at Storm's End , Renly appoints Loras to lead the vanguard in the coming battle, choosing him over Lord Randyll Tarly , Ser Guyard Morrigen , and many other candidates.

Lord Petyr Baelish is dispatched to Bitterbridge to seek an alliance. Petyr travels to Bitterbridge and then Highgarden, where he negotiates an alliance between the Tyrells and Baratheons. Ser Loras joins the Kingsguard at the behest of his father, Lord Mace, to protect his sister, Margaery, when she becomes queen.

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Loras quickly becomes popular with the citizens of King's Landing. When Tyrion asks him why he chose to join the Kingsguard at only seventeen, Loras explains that he is a third son and that "When the sun has set , no candle can replace it". Sansa Stark thinks Loras looks even finer in the white of the Kingsguard than in the greens and golds of House Tyrell.

The only spot of color on him now is a brooch that clasps his cloak, the rose of Highgarden wrought in soft yellow gold, nestled in a bed of delicate green jade leaves. The grip of his sword is white leather and its pommel is a rose in alabaster. Although Sansa is unhappy to marry the Imp, Garlan tells her Tyrion would be a better husband than Loras.

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Loras attends the wedding of King Joffrey and his sister, Margaery Tyrell. After Joffrey dies from poison during his wedding feast , Queen Cersei Lannister orders the Kingsguard to arrest Tyrion. When Ser Jaime Lannister , absentee Lord Commander of the Kingsguard , returns to the King's Landing, Loras recognizes Brienne of Tarth among his companions and confronts her immediately about Renly's mysterious death.

At his request, Jaime has Brienne arrested. Loras agrees to question and judge Brienne fairly. At the Fingers , Petyr Baelish tells Sansa that during his negotiations with the Tyrells at Highgarden, he planted the idea of Loras joining the Kingsguard. After the taking of the Shields by the ironborn , Cersei refuses to allow the Redwyne fleet to depart the siege of Dragonstone and deal with Euron Greyjoy , King of the Isles and the North.

Loras volunteers to take command and hasten the siege. Aurane tells Cersei that Loras has taken Dragonstone. After Stannis's castellan , Ser Rolland Storm , declined Loras's offer of single combat, Loras led the assault on the castle. The reported victory is said to have been needlessly bloodthirsty and true to Cersei's hopes, it is reported that Loras was horribly injured by quarrels, maces, and boiling oil in the battle.

Ser Loras is reportedly gravely injured at Dragonstone. The last report that the imprisoned Cersei received was that he had been dying of his wounds received whilst taking the castle. Loras: Lord Eddard, what of me? Eddard: No one doubts your valor, Ser Loras, but we are about justice here, and what you seek is vengeance. I will defend King Tommen with all my strength, I swear it.

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I will give my life for his if need be. But I will never betray Renly , by word or deed. He was the king that should have been. He was the best of them. Give me the command, Your Grace. Let us know if you're a freelance designer or not so we can share the most relevant content for you. By completing this form, you agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Designers, check out these contests so you can start building your career. Get a design. Awesome rainbow hairstyling courtesy of Azael Carrera. The short answers: Isaac Newton. And Ancient Greek philosophy. Um, what?