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  1. Betsy DeVos' New Title IX Guidelines Prioritize Schools Over Sexual Assault Survivors
  2. Title I, Part A
  3. Title I, Part A — Improving Basic Programs
  4. Betsy DeVos' New Title IX Guidelines Prioritize Schools Over Sexual Assault Survivors | HuffPost

Chaperones are required to take on the responsibility of facilitating the experience for their child. Museum staff are not assigned to these groups.

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Students will discuss and experience the interactive art pieces created by contemporary artists in the current exhibitions, then create a unique artwork with a Museum Teaching Artist. In this guided tour, students will experience the interactive and innovative art spaces in the Museum as well as participate in a hands-on design challenge that promotes skill-building, problem solving and creativity. Complimentary admission is extended to those adults. Chaperones accompanying students with special needs are not charged.

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Betsy DeVos' New Title IX Guidelines Prioritize Schools Over Sexual Assault Survivors

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Title I, Part A

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However, a video which was available for viewing at the time it was entered into the database will not be removed merely if it becomes unavailable in the future. The new report and evidence analysis should convince states to think about pipeline programs, including programs for incoming school leaders, Jody Spiro, the director of education leadership at the Wallace Foundation.

It's not that Title I funds have not been used to support school leadership—Title 1 money, for example, has been used to replace and support principals in low-performing schools.

Title I, Part A — Improving Basic Programs

ESSA also provides opportunities to use Title I funds in the lowest-performing schools, including those with low-graduation rates. But this new report bolsters the argument that Title 1 funds could be used for additional school leadership programs that are generally considered part of the pipeline, including selection, training, and mentoring of new principals. Nearly 70 percent of states that responded to a Council of Chief State Officers CCSSO survey on school improvement under ESSA, said that "strengthening school leadership" was an important priority this year , according to a report the organization released last month.

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Betsy DeVos' New Title IX Guidelines Prioritize Schools Over Sexual Assault Survivors | HuffPost

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