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  2. How to sell other people's products and keep all the money?
  3. 5 Ways to Make Money from Other Peoples Products
  4. How To Start A Business Selling Other People's Products
  5. Don’t EVER pay to join an affiliate program. Period.

That CPA offer was the way I made my very first dollars online, and it went on to pay my mortgage every month for about eight years.

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So back to those revenue systems — this is important stuff. It isn't just some theoretical thought exercise. And you need to sell other people's stuff to smooth out your cash flow, and to meet the needs of your clients and prospects. You do this through affiliate marketing, selling advertising, CPA, Adsense and similar programs, or directly selling other people's stuff of your site.

Of course, there are exceptions to this rule… but they are pretty rare. For most businesses, you really want to go after both revenue systems. Sorry, that is rubbish.

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However, there are ways to make money online that do not involved selling your or another persons product. For example:. Providing data or analysis services, Indexes or directories, Adding value or a function to non-web-based products with a web-based element, Products that add value to others web services, and so on. Hi Jeff Im a big fan of you from the hispanic market.

This market is growing so quickly and I have started with affiliate marketing. Hi Jeff, Great post,and. But by doing some due diligence I found they were a publicly traded company on the New York stock exchange with the stock trading very low. I started a blog to find other victims of the same scam in an attempt to resolve it and help them get their money back. Over time, I built a relationship with each person. Funny you should say that, Gail. Sometimes, you just need to get burned bad before you wake up to the scammers out there!

I feel like there are missing some key pieces for me as a newbie. So, three days ago I bought the ShoeMoney System that seems to be helpful to accomplish my learning. It seems to me as a newbie that there is too much noice out there selling information products competence is fierce! I has been really difficult for me to find good products for newbies.

How to sell other people's products and keep all the money?

But I am learning all technicals skills now so I am just starting. Hi I started off about 2 years ago and created my informational website on growing vegetables, and used advertising to generate revenue and still do. However when I decided it was time to offer my own product on the subject I quickly realised that what i would be putting into the product i had already put on the website so i could justify creating a ebook to sell whn the visitors could get all the information from the site for free.

So I am now looking at finding other peopel products to sell. While I come up with a new idea for my own product. Great post, Jeff. But it proved that making money online could work. Then got an autoresponder series going that promoted various affiliate products, and made sales from that. One mans treasure is another mans… well… rubbish! I agree with Jeff. Keir… you are selling your own product. Having your own products to sell must be the way to go because not only do you benefit from the high margins but you can also have others promote as affiliates.

Of course the BIG problem is developing quality products that are in demand. Thank You Jeff! Interesting post as always. I too have been doing business online since about — but took a very different route to you.

5 Ways to Make Money from Other Peoples Products

I was influenced by someone back then who said that the people who consistently made the most gold in previous goldrushes were the merchants who sold the tents, food, water, picks and shovels to the poor buggers who came to the goldfields looking to get rich quick by striking it lucky. So, I set up a service business build business websites for others and doing marketing for others…. Had a team of 20 to 30 people from — when we sold the business.

Then had a break. There is so much opportunity — but there is also so much overwhelm and confusion. Or both. And using the right tools really well to move in the right directions to make more money faster with less stress and less waste serving customers who have a real want and not just a need for what you can offer.

How To Start A Business Selling Other People's Products

That, I think, is the real way to make money online. Jeff thanks. Now with location independence, we can operate from anywhere. I love it. And I still see a lot of money is being made in the goldrush selling to the poor buggers who have entrepreneurial dreams and dollar signs flashing in their eyes. I think there is a plethora of crap sold online and there is also a huge amount of really good stuff. The bigger challenge is actually doing something about it — and then taking consistent deliberate action. Too many people think they will strike it lucky — like in the goldrush.

Trip over a gold nugget perhaps.

We have to be able to fail fast and learn quickly, but many people think failing fast means giving up quickly. They give up too soon.

Don’t EVER pay to join an affiliate program. Period.

Hi Jeff, Yes, certainly, you need to sell something in order to profit. I started online a couple of years ago and made my first sales as an affiliate promoting other peoples stuff. I think that if you have no previous business or marketing experience, online or off, that is probably the easiest way to go in the beginning. Jeff Good view. The difficult bit, which you resolved with the soft CPA products, is to ensure that you have a good mix of products that do not dilute your offering.

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  6. Regards Steve. Thank you for sharing Jeff. My first money was made online when I was organizing a music conference around or A few years later I started earning money online by selling my paperback books and then ebooks. Hi Jeff, I have no clue about making money online. While I do sell my books and related clothing I would like to know how to make ebooks or find affiliates. How much is product launch formula and would it be useful for us launching our products? Great post, thanks. One aspect immediately sprung to mind.

    When I have made money online, it has nearly always been associated with events. But I would certainly recommend to anyone and everyone they consider using events as both an income stream and lead generator for more online and offline business. There are great tools out there to help with this such as eventbrite and meetup and nowadays you can link stuff very easily to blogs, facebook and twitter. They can be training events or social events.

    I do both. They can be paid or free.