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Disordered human actions, which harm creation, and by extension, human life and property directly threaten the right to life, to health, to development, to housing, to work, to culture and the rights of indigenous people. It is even more unfortunate that their efforts to make ends meet adds in its own way to environmental degradation and not infrequently to disaster for themselves and others who are equally poor. Therefore, irresponsible consumption, degradation, and depletion of natural resources have a huge impact on human life. It is good to point out here that respecting the environment does not mean considering material or animal nature more important than human being.

Indeed, in the history of salvation, the human person and the natural world are never ascribed the same dignity. The Scriptures frankly present an ordered hierarchy of being: God rules over all, and human beings serve as his stewards, exercising an instrumental dominion over everything, while also being accountable to him for our exalted position as the rulers of the earth.

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This accountability therefore means not selfishly considering nature to be at the complete disposal of our own interests, for future generations also have the right to reap its benefits and to exhibit towards nature the same responsible freedom that we claim for ourselves. Unfortunately, the contemporary world has deviated from the real meaning of stewardship as a responsibility to mean selfish use of the resources of the earth. This view has led to devastation of the environment through industrialization, degradation, etc. There is no doubt that human beings as stewards have to invest the talents that God has entrusted to them.

However, human beings as a whole will do better for itself and for creation if we vigorously cultivate the intelligence and creativity with which we have been endowed for the good of the human person and the development of the created world. Each issue contains an update from the DLRA President with information about the organisation, the Chief Steward provides details about new or changed rules and vehicle scrutineering, as well as Rods Rambling's, a candid look at what's been happening in dry lakes racing.

Minutes from General and Annual General Meetings are no longer contained in the newsletter. To access and download minutes members must apply to the Secretary.

Good Stewards

Special issues of the newsletter are the Summer edition with all the information about the upcoming speed trials and the Autumn edition which contains the results from that years speed trials along with heaps of photos of all the entrants. One was a very millennial church in Southern California that is 9 years old and the other a denominational community church with a long history in Pacific NW, but with new young pastors. One church is filled with young Christians under 40, and the other filled with life-long Christians over February - Excel in the Grace of Giving.

I must say that I really enjoy studying and meditating on this verse in 2nd Corinthians The apostle Paul is saying that just as we excel at love, fellowship, and faith, we must also excel in the grace of giving. It is an important part of our discipleship. December - Check Your Pulse through Solitude.

OK, it the end of the Holiday Season, end of the calendar year, maybe the end of your fiscal year, and somewhat the end of activities for your family. Before you get ready to jump into the new year, new goals, new calendars, new challenges and new stress I have a suggestion for you — Check Your Pulse! November - "I got nothin'"—What's a Steward Leader to do? As I was preparing to write this blog I thought to myself, "I got nothin'. I had no thoughts running around my head to share and start someone thinking.

And then I put myself once again in the place of a leader who desires to be a good steward and asked myself the question again. What does a steward leader do when they haven't got anything to give?


We have heard a great deal over the last few years of how difficult it is for people to give to their churches, ministries, and nonprofits. We read how some giving is down, and for others, budgets are cut and pastors are laid off. OK, it's September and your fall development strategy is ready to launch. But you have not finished your plans.


You do not have all the details in place. You are not sure about some strategies. And you are feeling the pressure! Take a deep breath. All is not lost. Process — which is God more concerned with? As a consultant, many times the goal with a ministry client is to increase outcomes. In other words, raise more money, attract new donors, and increase board involvement. These are things that are good, positively impact the ministry, and produce results that propel the organization to a higher level of results. July - To the Steward Leader—are you a good steward of yourself?

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I have been working with nonprofit ministries for 35 years. In the past years I have done more soul searching and self-examination than the previous 30 years combined.

Care for the Earth: A Call to Responsible Stewardship

I guess we get that way as we get older. But in addition to age I had to ask myself: Am I a good steward of myself? May - Summer Preparations for Development. I have written on this subject before but it is important enough to look at again. What does the development officer do during the months of June, July and August? How do you make productive use of your time when most donors are beyond contact and response rates to mailings are at their lowest? Here are some ideas for you to consider as you prepare for your summer of development activities. March - Development Leadership. There are many aspects to leading and managing a development effort within a ministry.

The management aspects are often written about. Managing the staff, the programs, strategies, and writing reports are just a few of the management tasks needed to make sure a development effort is successful. January - Stewardship Summit Report. It was a great Summit with over 65 registrants. Here are the papers and authors that were there December - Serving the Steward at Christmas. It is a very busy time for everyone, trying to get meetings, parties, gatherings, and mailings all out on schedule, and at the same time worrying about year end goals, and not over-filling the prospects mailbox.

Three of my clients will launch the Public Phase of their capital campaigns in January As I finish working with them on a monthly basis and hand their campaigns over to them I am excited about the adventure before them. October - Passion for your Cause. Are you still passionate about your cause?

If you have gotten a little worn out, dry, or even a little skeptical it is time for a passion check. This is the "giving season" where people feel most generous and truly want to give at their highest levels. It is also the time when many major donors plan for their year-end giving due to cash flow and business planning. July - The Role of Newsletters. Newsletters have been around for many years in the nonprofit world. They have been the key communication tool for many organizations and sometimes the only tool used to keep supporters informed for missionaries.

June - Development Fall Planning. You made it this far in the year! Your winter and spring mailings, special events, and other activities are behind you. You deserve a break.

The Magazine - HBR

But you don't get one! May - May Announcements and Resources.

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  6. The month of May can be a time of winding down a school, or a giving season, or the beginning of the planning season. If you are an educational organization you may be implementing your final annual fund strategies. Others may be finding that May is not a strong giving month, and are using the time to focus on key relationships. Still others are beginning to see June through August as preparation time for the busy fall giving season. We professional development officers believe in relationships as a priority.

    We see the person who is giving as the key to our causes.