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This way, this contribution aims at shedding light on the very first steps of the reception of the Cours. As an additional dossier , the volume contains reviews of the critical edition of the CLG by Rudolf Engler and of the Italian translation, with biographical and exegetical notes, by Tullio De Mauro The following article aims at gathering data in order to build a framework for further study on the work of Saussure concerning the Sanskrit genitive absolute.

The main tenants of the incomplete and unpublished section addressing the origins of this specific Sanskrit syntactic device are also presented. Abstract : Linguistics has often been used in the context of foreign language teaching. This article aims at presenting how the various members of the so-called Geneva School of linguistics have contributed to the subject.

Even though Saussure never really approached the subject, he is often called upon.

Tv5 cours de francais

His successors to the chair of General Linguistics all had something to say on the matter. The article also includes Godel in the discussion. Key words : E. Benveniste; discourse; enunciation; linguistic production; subjectivity. Abstract : The problems posed by the concept of the phoneme were at the centre of international debates among linguists in the first half of the 20th century. John Rupert Firth, a key figure in the so-called London school of linguistics, resisted the concept, and aimed to relocate phonological analysis within his phonaesthetic theory, associating meaning with clusters of sounds or letters.

Key words : J. Abstract : The published works by Georges Canguilhem, which are mostly focused on philosophy and history of science, contain some traces of a specific conception of language. Some of his unpublished manuscripts and notes are actually treating, with a certain level of detail, the subjects of: a language as a foundation of thought, and b Schematism in Kantian terms. Key words : Action; Alain E. Chartier ; G. Canguilhem; I.


Kant; language; Schematism; thought; L. I adopted three perspectives to investigate this subject. The second point of view is theoretical and methodological. I named these attempts terminologically semimanufactured. Whereas the representation of Saussurean terminology is different from normally representation of terminology.

Third I create a model for representation itself. First, I distinguish between three different terminological areas: 1 the terms of XIX century linguistic; 2 the terms of other sciences; 3 the Saussure terminologically semi-manufactured. This complex model allows me to display all terminological attempts made by Saussure and all terminological problems that he experienced in order to resolve a linguistic or semiotic problem. Key words : technical term, terminology, linguistic, Saussurean terminology, models of terminology. Abstract : This PhD Dissertation in the History of Ideas in Linguistics aims at discussing two questions: 1 What can explain, in two totally different contexts Europe at the time at the Treaty of Versailles and the Early years of the Soviet Union the emergence of such radically different ideas about what language is; 2 How is the further disappearance of all attempts to rationalize language in the Soviet Union to be explained.

The first part of the dissertation looks at the positions taken by three linguists who worked as consultants for their respective governments: the French A. Meillet, the Serb A. The second part looks at the evolution that led from wanting to change language to the celebration of nationalism in the USSR. Key words : History of linguistic ideas, languages and nations, national languages, A.

Meillet, A. Ivanov, J. As part of this movement, a new interpretation of his project has been developed by Simon Bouquet: this involves bringing together the fields of linguistics of both langue and parole within a Galilean epistemology that radicalises the principle of differentiality. The second section explores the largely understudied nature of the principle of differentiality in the science of language. The way in which grammar books treat the theory of the present indicative in French is examined as a case in point. The conclusion, in the form of an opening, outlines the possibility of a differential grammar which describes, from the perspective of language, the semantic system of the French present tense; as well as the laws of correlation postulated by a neosaussurean linguistics; to give an explanation of the double nature of language which is at once both langue and parole.

Key words : differentiality; neosaussurean linguistics; semantics; present indicative in French. Abstract : The present paper analyses F. Abstract : Some years ago, I published in these Cahiers cf. This article supplements the correspondence published in , thanks to the discovery of two postcards from Ch.

Bally to A. Sechehaye which remained unknown until today. Lyon, ENS Editions, coll. Aux sources du sens , Paris, Les Impressions Nouvelles, , p. Leuven-Paris-Bristol : Editions Peeters. Abstract : In the first part of this paper, we analyze the results obtained in developmental psychology Piaget and Vygotsky and contemporary schools , underlying their difficulty to identify and conceptualize the effective factors of cognitive progress.


Having showed that in all these works the verbal sign is considered as a semiotic instrument as the others, we request the analysis of Saussure showing that signs are radically psychic, arbitrary and social. We support then that with this conception, we can validate the Vygotskian hypothesis of the emergence of the thought, and renew the approach of the conditions of the later psychological development.

Laurent CUGNY

This way, the article aims to show that Fischer-Jorgensen played an important role as a critical mediator between Hjelmslev and Coseriu. Abstract : The paper aims to reveal the impact of the Geneva School and Moscow School of Formal Grammar on the development by Louis Hjelmslev of the conception of the universal grammar in his first theoretical work Principes de grammaire generale, published in His conception was developed, on the one part, under the influence of F.

Sechehaye, Ch.

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Bally and, on the other part, it came under the influence of the Moscow Fortunatov Formal School. Abstract : Philosophy of language and Linguistics belong to different fields of knowledge and pursue different aims. In spite of the fact that semiotics had almost always been part of philosophy of language, Saussure places linguistics within its realm making it thus change both its scope and its status.

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Semiotics becomes the science of cultural facts, if not an organon for all the sciences dealing with culture. This is how Saussurean semiotics, even if it remained pragmatic, broke away from philosophy in becoming a science. As a science, it can be subjected to philosophical questioning, as much as linguistics can. But then semiotics replaces the philosophy of signs with the philosophy of semiotics. This paper aims at making a first contribution to assessing what makes Saussurean semiotics different from a philosophy of signs.

It also attempts at explaining why philosophers could only give a trivial account of Saussurean semiotics discussing it using precisely these traditional categories that it rejects. Key words : Saussureanism, philosophy of language, pragmatics, cognitivism, linguistics. The Saussurean principle, which lays the foundation of the concept of value, breaks away from the problematics of the sound-meaning relation. Martinet, however, attempts to construct the arbitrariness of the sign in a structural way, and through this construction, in accordance with the traditional conception, the arbitrariness of the sign appears as a type of sound-meaning relation.

Key words : Epistemology, problematics, value, regularity of sound change, phonology. Abstract : The article deals with the F.

Starting from a general analysis of these texts, we can observe how Saussure approaches the inscriptions in different ways : depending on the various subjects, his interest is focused on the epigraphical, linguistic, didactic or historical aspects. Joshua T. Synchronic linguistics, Indo-European, Post-structuralism, Structuralism.

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Abstract : The search for anagrams and anaphony is no longer a strange curiosity left unpublished within a famous scholar work. Their use, as described by F. Testenoire, testifies for their importance in homeric epic. Beside metre, formula and epic diction, the phonic games give a key for understanding Homeric composition.