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Litha - Lunaesque Photography | Male witch, Green man, Pagan men

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The Highlander's Hellion. The Highlander's Secret Vow. Deception and subterfuge are weapons used to keep people at a safe distance. Donovan's penchant for deception may be his undoing.

Reluctant Hero

After her rescue from smugglers, his bride cannot remember him. Is Donovan condemned to a different kind of prison--a loveless marriage to a woman who fears him and cannot abide his touch? The following ISBNs are associated with this title:. ISBN - Look for similar items by category:. Dark Hero: Reluctant Heroes, 1. Sort order. Jun 19, Linda rated it it was ok.

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Disappointing heroine who seemed to be weeping all the time. Thought she was supposed to be capable. Scoundrel Hero Really enjoyed everything about this book. Love the characters and all the many plots. Love the history behind each character. DNF i just could not get into this book i was 10 chapters in still nothing. Loved this book. First let me tell you that I was lucky enough to receive it from Lily thru a read and review program with The Choosy Bookworm.

I really appreciate the authors that have made their books available thru this program, as I've been able to get several this way. A bit about the book - It's the story of Kieran O'Flaherty, an Irish sorcerer and Rose de Lacy, a spinster all of 27 years old who is the executor of her deceased brother's estate which adjoins Roisin Dubh Castle, Kieran's ancestral home.

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Kieran's had a not too enviable past, and is currently in England living with his grandfather, being groomed to become the Tenth Earl of Greystowe. His past life, combined with the fact that he is half Irish not a good thing in that particular time , magical, and a "chick magnet" causes his grandfather to deed the castle to him. His grandfather sends him to the Irish castle to remove him from London and the rumors of his womanizing, and hopes that this will convince Kieran to wed the English debutante that his grandfather has chosen for him.

Rose's life has not been a bed of roses either, and she is very much a blue stocking. She is the current steward of the castle, although the Earl had no inkling that his steward was a female, and she is just barely keeping the wolf from the door of her brother's estate. Her sister in law Bridget, her late brother's wife, is a spoiled darling, and fights Rose every step of the way when Rose tries to conserve money.

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I like stories where I can become invested in the lives and futures of the protagonists, and this story immediately immersed me in the struggles of both Kieran and Rose, and made me very interested in what would happen in their lives. I'll admit that I don't need absolute accuracy to the period, I just want an great story and the author delivered it! We had the budding romance, mysterious smugglers, Rose's nephew's estate to be saved.